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All purchases made by the page are shipped by legal cargo companies. According to the Kvkk regulation, it is legal to share your information with third parties.

However, with the agreements made with the cargo companies, your shipping addresses and personal information are mandatory for the safe delivery of your products.

It means that you give your explicit consent to share your personal information with all legal cargo companies after your purchase.


All the products you have requested will be delivered to you through official cargo companies registered with the TR Chamber of Commerce.

All of the products you have ordered from are from Aydın Grup Akustik Yalıtım Hiz.Tic.Ltd.Şti. It will be delivered intact and complete to contracted cargo companies.

Cargo companies are responsible for all damages that may occur during the shipping and transportation process until they are delivered to the buyer.

For all deliveries that you believe are damaged or incomplete, please keep a record and collect them.


Official cargo shipping fees are applied to all products you have purchased through page.

Even though it is stated before the purchase, Aydın Grup Akustik Yalıtım Hiz.Tic.Ltd.Şti. has no liability or obligation.

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